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   Just a few projects I'm working on from time to time. I have tried to describe the project in a DIY manner. Sketches, plans, circuits and code are freely available for anyone willing to build one of the projects. You can always sent me an email to ask me anything if you have problems replicating the projects.

Words & Letters
   Connected smart wooden blocks toy that teaches the kids to spell. Uses RFID technology to identify the smart blocks and an HTML5 web app.

Cubee, an IOT desktop toy
   A simple and beautiful IOT desktop toy that lets you know the weather conditions in your area for the next hour.

Bluetooth treat dispenser
   Give your pet a treat using your smart phone and this wooden treat dispenser!

IKEA Strala lamp USB modification
   Get the cheap battery & LED Strala lamp from IKEA and add Christmas tunes! Add USB support to this lamp to play 4 Christmas tunes and flash the LED all from a small GUI app!

Little Bes: Mini Platform game
   A small old-school platform game built using the Liberty BASIC language. Source code version only at the moment.

Web-enabled Home Automation
   An extension on the previous project (USB Home Automation) to provide the same functionality over the Internet. Uses an embedded linux device (bifferboard) to connect to the Internet.

USB Home Automation
   A PicAxe based USB device to control remote switches made from ArcTech company.

Lua Pagekite client
   This is a Lua-based client for the Pagekite protocol. It has been developed with embedded devices in mind.

Networked Thermometer
   This is a project that uses a Picaxe microcontroller, a couple os DS18B20 1-wire digital thermometers and a SimpleLan module to create a Networked Thermometer. It is mainly based on the older Home Monitor project.

USB Thermometer
   This is the first project that uses the PCB@Home procedure. It also uses a USB to TLL cable to connect the picaxe to the PC and use the power from the USB port.

PCB Manufacturing at home
   I have created a scanner based UV light box and have been using ExpressPCB to draw the schematics and the PCBs. It;s a fun and easy way to make your (simple) boards!

Jabber + PicAxe = Even More Fun!
   Another project to demonstrate that PicAxe is able to 'talk' to Jabber ( Receive data updates  through Jabber/GTalk!

Twitter + PicAxe + Ethernet = More Fun!
   Another little project to demonstrate that PicAxe is able to 'talk' to Twitter  ( and send updates  based on varius events. The project is using the SimpleLan ethernet module to connect directly to the Internet!

Twitter + PicAxe = Fun!
   A little project to demonstrate that PicAxe is able to 'talk' to Twitter ( and send updates based on  varius events. In this project temperature data is read from a sensor and the value is  posted on Twitter!

The Weather Machine
   A 'smart' object that delivers information through a glanceable interface.
   A small Ethernet module combined with a PicAxe microcontroller chip.

Home Monitor
   A small project based on tha famous PicAxe microcontroller for monitoring my hom




  • 5.07.2020
    Words & Letters: Connected smart wooden blocks toy. Have a look here.
  • 15.09.2017
    Cubee: An IOT desktop toy that displays the weather. More info here.
  • 04.10.2015
    A wooden treat dispenser your pet using a smart phone and blue-tooth. Have a look here.
  • 08.12.2013
    IKEA Strala Lamp modification! Use a PicAxe chip to add X-mas tunes and control the lamp from you PC through the USB. Have a look here.
  • 20.06.2013
    Little Bes: the lost rabbits - Mini old-school platform game! Have a look here.